Jöne's Story

Chef Jöne, classically trained in French cuisine, started her fine dining career in Michelin-starred restaurants in California and France.

Having an affinity for foods with dairy, eggs, and gluten, she later discovered that she had developed intolerances to them. Chef Jöne made the switch to a Paleo lifestyle which immediately improved her health and quality of life.

Challenging conventional thinking that "healthy alternatives" have to be tasteless, she made it her personal mission to create a high-quality gelato without any of the traditional ingredients.

Chef Jöne is proud to bring you Jöne’s Gelato: a Paleo dessert with all the decadence and satisfaction included.

*To learn more about Chef Jöne Pan, check out www.chefjonepan.com

Chef Jöne is a proud member of The Holistic Women's Network (The HWN).

Jöne's Gelato is one of the premiere
Paleo ice cream brands.

Based in San Francisco, CA , Jöne's Gelato is the first Paleo ice cream brand that is dairy free, nut free, vegan, sugar free, and diabetic friendly. Jöne's Gelato uses the highest quality of ingredients and sources Organic whenever possible. A top non dairy, Paleo ice cream brand, it is full of flavor. Jöne's Gelato is also the first paleo ice cream brand that is free of the top 8 allergens.