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"Amazing product and surprised they're sugar, gluten, and dairy free." Chef John, LB Steak Menlo Park

"Cupping Chef Jöne Pan's gluten free/paleo/vegan gelato. Notes of delicious." - Superstar Barista Rocky, Bellano Coffee

"Love it!!! First time I can enjoy gelato with no tummy aches!" - Caroline D., Food Stylist & Photographer

"Munching on gelato, so good! Persimmon tastes like persimmon cookie dough." - Dmitri, Vertigo Coffee

"It's just so good, and a healthier alternative to other ice-cream. I can even feed it to my baby." - Julia K., 1 Oz. Coffee

"It is delectable - much like a smile in a pint!" -Erin D., ClifBar

"Her coconut gelato is better than any milk ice cream
 I've ever had. Really." - Carol F.

"Perfect(ly addictive) balance of flavors.... are you sure there's no dairy?!" - Laila A., Push Fitness

"Just wanted to let you know that the gelato was absolutely fantastic!  It didn't taste like a substitute either, just like really excellent gelato." - Julie A. (A customer who hasn't had frozen desserts for 5 years due to food allergies)